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Large Gate Data
Field Value
Large Gate
Start Station
End Station
Total Area (sq km)
Total Outgoing Flux (cubic km/yr)
Total Accumulation (cubic km/yr)
Total Thickening / Thinning (cm/yr)



This work has benefited from the efforts of many colleagues who helped to make the measurements and from the results from other PARCA investigations. Funding support was provided by the NASA Polar Research Program and ICESat Project.

- Thomas, R., T. Akins, B. Csatho, M. Fahnestock, P. Gogineni, C. Kim, and J. Sonntag. 2000. Mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet at high elevations. Science 289: 426-427.

- Thomas, R., B. Csatho, C. Davis, C. Kim, W. Krabill, S. Manizade, J. McConnell and J. Sonntag. 2001. Mass balance of higher-elevation parts of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmosphere 106 (D24) (December): 33707-33716.

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