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Geological Controls of Ice Flow

Mapping subglacial geology by using airborne geophysical measurements
Investigating the effect of subglacial geology on ice dynamics

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Current and Recent Projects

  • Collaborative research: Science opportunities for a multidisciplinary long-range aircraft for Antarctic research. B. Csatho and D. Bromwich, NSF, 2004 - 2005.

  • Airborne geophysics and remote sensing applied to study Greenland ice dynamics. B. Csatho, NASA, 2001.

  • Architecture and evolution of a rift accomodation zone: remote sensing of the Transantarctic Mountains. T. Wilson, B. Csatho, NSF, 1997 - 2001.

Past Meetings

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Leftwich, T. E., C. J. van der Veen, R. R. von Frese, B. Csatho, 2006. Subglacial topographic effects on the geothermal heat flux of the Greenland ice sheet, Eos Trans. AGU, 87(52), Fall meet. Suppl., Abstract C41A-0319.

  • Csatho, B., C.J. van der Veen, R. von Frese, H. Rae Kim, J. Kiss, T. Leftwich and A. Braun, 2006. Subglacial control on glacier flow in northern Greenland. International Glaciological Society Symposium on Earth and Planetary Ice-Volcano Interactions, 19-23 June 2006, Reykjavik, Iceland. (pdf)

  • Braun, A., H-R. Kim, B. Csatho, R.R.B. von Frese, in review. Gravity-inferred crustal thickness of Greenland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters

  • Studinger, M., D. Bromwich, B. Csatho, R. Muench, T, Parish and J. Stith, 2005. Science opportunities for a long-range Antarctic Research Aircraft (LARA). EOS, 86(4), 39-40.