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Workshop on Science Opportunities for a Multidisciplinary
Long-Range Aircraft for Antarctic Research

27-29 September, 2004
Days Hotel and Conference Center, Herndon, VA

(From M. Studinger, LDEO)
The primary goal of the workshop is to develop a strong science and implementation plan for a long-range aircraft facility supporting multidisciplinary research in Antarctica. To achieve this goal the workshop will convene scientists representing the Antarctic research community's interests in aerogeophysical, glaciological, atmospheric and oceanographic science to discuss scientific problems that can only be addressed through the use of an instrumented, heavy-lift, long-range aircraft. Based on the science requirements the specific instrumentation needs for such an aircraft will be determined and the feasibility of equipping a long-range aircraft with the required state-of-the-art instrumentation will be assessed. The NSF/NCAR C130Q aircraft will serve as an example of the payloads manageable by a heavy-lift, long-range aircraft and the possibility of modifying an existing NSF owned LC-130 for research will be discussed. The workshop will also consider possible international collaborations and the synergism of the proposed effort with other Antarctic research initiatives.

For more information, please visit  Workshop website.